Camilla Parker-Bowles

Camilla’s heartfelt note to the victims of domestic violence

domestic violence

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, has made the issue of domestic violence a foundation of her public work.

Duchess Camilla has tweeted a message of assistance to those for whom home is not a safe place.

Self-isolating and coronavirus have intensified many of these issues. she has reached out to domestic violence victims across the UK in a touching message of support as millions are ordered to stay home amid the coronavirus.

Clarence House tweeted a brief statement just a few days after it was validated that she had tested negative for coronavirus. Her husband, Charles, has been tested positive. Camilla told: “This is a hard time for everyone, as we are all asked to stay at home to stay safe. But for some of you, it is even harder because home is not a safe place.”

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The message was accompanied up by two further tweets from Clarence House. It encouraged those in danger to seek help from the charities. They linked to an online guide by Save Lives on how to stay safe at home.

The original tweet was:

It also included links to Refuge Charity and Womens’ Aid. The tweets ended with the hashtag #EveryonesProblem.

The photo of Duchess Camilla was taken earlier this month at the 10th annual Women of the World (WOW) festival. She gave the speech on 8th March ie International Women’s Day. The issue of abuse in people’s homes was everyone’s dilemma. Camilla alerted that result of people remaining silent in domestic violence could be death.

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On 27th March, the UK saw its biggest day-on-day rise in mortality since the COVID-19 outbreak commenced. Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock are also said they have tested positive for the virus. England’s chief medical officer has symptoms – and is self-isolating. A total of 759 people have now died after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

And over 14,500 have tested positive in the whole United Kingdom with the virus.