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The Red Phone Boxes in the United Kingdom have now turned into red mini offices


Many of the United Kingdom’s miraculous, attractive and red phone boxes owned by the company named POD WORKS have turned them into mini offices that can be hired for short stints.

This famous British red phone box was designed as part of a competition in 1924.

It is now instantly recognized around the world. But with smartphones rendering their service obsolete, a number of other noble ways have emerged to preserve this piece of history.

For the past few years, it was being used as a place for only making telephone calls, but the attractive red phone boxes are now enjoying a change of sorts. The red phone boxes and the phones in them have been rendered virtually obsolete by the smartphone. But a few of the quick-thinking entrepreneurs have stepped in to make use of the tiny spaces.

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One of them, a New York-based co-working company BAR WORKS, has turned United Kingdom’s iconic and marvellous red phone boxes into fully functioning mini offices.

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British Telecom BT red phone box near Brockenhurst

All the things you need to know about the red phone box

Pod Works is now offering renovated versions of the classic red boxes. It is fitted out with everything you need in a mini-office. A WiFi, charging sockets, printer, scanner, heater and, of course, a phone. “They’re aimed for those entrepreneurs and people who are always on the move and needs a convenient, affordable and private place to work,” the company says.

The actual work environment

“Why sit in a noisy, public coffee shop when you can sit in one of our secure Pods and truly focus on your work ?”. The micro offices are aimed at travelling business people.  People who might be tired of working from a cafe or looking for a bit of peace while working. The company is creating a network of these mini offices around the United Kingdom by starting from London.

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It has a membership too

It also offers yearly memberships for just over $430 (£250), for access to any phone box office. Buying a monthly or yearly membership also gives users access to the company’s virtual assistant. This can help with office duties such as drafting letters, researching and responding to emails.

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